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A Years Supply In A Year


"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"
Doctrine and Covenants 38:30

Spiritual Goal

Attend the temple one more session than you normally do this month.

Provident Living Goal

If you normally do not grow a garden, plan to grow at least one vegetable this year. If you already have a garden either 1) grow a vegetable that you have not tried before or 2) try a new method or technique this year.

1 Year Food Storage Goal

2 pounds yeast per person
2 pounds baking powder per person
2 pounds baking soda per person
1 gallon vinegar per person
10 cans evaporated milk per person
10 pounds peanut butter per person
spices, condiments and vanilla

72 Hour Kit

4 granola bars per person
2 sticks beef jerky per person
1 package chewing gum per person
hard candies or lollipops--at least 12 per person (Note: these items will be rotated every 6 months - see October)

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