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A Years Supply In A Year


"For the moment we live in a day of peace and prosperity, but it shall not ever be thus. Great trials lie ahead...and we must prepare ourselves temporally and spiritually..."
-Bruce R. McConkie

Spiritual Goal

Have family home evening with family every Monday. Make sure at least one Monday is set aside for doing something fun for the whole family.

Provident Living Goal

Learn to preserve your food in a way you have not tried before.

1 Year Food Storage Goal

100 quarts fruit and or vegetables per person
24 pints jam or jelly per person
feminine needs
school supplies
pet supplies

72 Hour Kit

1 can tuna per person
1 can pork and beans per person
1/2 pound dried milk per person
2 packets hot chocolate mix per person (or 1 lgr. can per family)
2 instant soup packets per person (these should be rotated every year)
disposable plates, cups, bowls and flatware
pet supplies - be sure to include dishes, leash and extra water

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