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A Years Supply In A Year


" Ye Latter-day Saints, learn to sustain yourselves, produce everything you need to eat drink or wear..."
-Pres. Brigham Young

Spiritual Goal

Take the family names that you prepared last month to the Temple.

Provident Living Goal

Make a goal to eat healthier. For example less sweets, more fresh fruits and veggies, less meats, more fiber etc.

1 Year Food Storage Goal

50 pounds sugar or honey per person
10-#10 cans (35 lbs total) powdered milk per person
2 toothbrushes per person
infant needs, formula, baby food, diapers, Tylenol, etc.

72 Hour Kit

Prepare blankets (the silver foil ones)
Gather items to entertain your family and include in kit - UNO cards, coloring books and crayons, x-stitch kit, etc. Be sure to include paper and pencils. Camp stove or portable BBQ and fuel, mosquito repellent
$25 cash

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