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A Years Supply In A Year


" We will see the day when we live on what we produce."
- Pres. Marion G. Romney

Spiritual Goal

Prepare at least one family name for temple work

Provident Living Goal

Make a goal to have 6 months wages in savings for emergencies. Write out a realistic plan to make it happen.

1 Year Food Storage Goal

First aid kit - should include scissors, knife, thermometer, measuring cup, medicine dropper, hot water bottle, triangular bandages, soap, matches, razor blades, needles, safety pins, adhesive tape, elastic babdages, paper bags, guaze badages, bicarbonate of soda, ipecac syrup, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, calamine lotion, rubbing alcohol, diarrhea remedy, anitbiotic ointment, first aid instruction book, prescription medication, waterproof matches.

72 Hour Kit

Container for holding kit. Large garbage cans with wheels OR a back pack for each family member recommended. Find a place in your home that is easily accesible for storing the kit. You need to be able to grab it at a moments notice to leave your home. Note: your first aid kit is also part of your general storage, but your general storage CANNOT be part of your 72 hour kit. When you need it there may not be time to gather it together for transport.

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