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A Years Supply In A Year


There is no person who knows the real purpose for which this welfare program is being instituted but hardly before sufficient preparation has been made the real purpose will be revealed and when that time comes it will challenge every resource of the church to meet it."
-Harold B. Lee

Spiritual Goal

Have family scripture study together each day.

Provident Living Goal

Review your will if you have one. Make any needed changes. If you not have a will, make arrangements to get one. EVERY adult should have a will. Plan and carry out a FHE on the importance of preparedness.

1 Year Food Storage Goal

10 - #10 can (35 pints total) powdered milk per person
25 Pounds canned or dried potatoes per person
50 quarts fruit or tomato juice per person

72 Hour Kit

1 pound dried fruit or trail mix per person (can use fruit leather)
1 pkg. soda crackers per person (4 per box)
1 pkg. graham crackers per person (4 per box)
2 liters tomato or orange juice per person (Note: these items will be rotated every 6 months-see March)

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